"Blood and Bone" by Michele Banks

What It Means to be Alive

Michele Banks, a D.C.-based painter and collage artists, creates beautiful and detailed water color pieces, magnifying life that’s mostly invisible to the naked eye.

"Blood and Bone" by Michele Banks

“Blood and Bone” by Michele Banks

Heartbeat Silk Charmeuse Scarf by Michele Banks

Heartbeat Silk Charmeuse Scarf by Michele Banks

"Love and Death" by Michele Banks

“Love and Death” by Michele Banks

Most pieces have a story behind them, and I encourage you to read them by clicking on the images, and visiting her Etsy shop.

Banks, who has named her Etsy shop Artologica, is not a scientist, but has a fascination with the living world, especially at the microscopic level. She shared this with Heart Interpretations:

I think the main thread that connects all my work is the idea of what it means to be alive. Obviously, this draws me toward things like the brain and the heart, but also toward slightly less obvious concepts, like the fact that each of us is a home for thousands of viruses and bacteria. That idea may make some people squirm, but I find it fascinating.

You can also learn more about her and her work in this 2011 Scientific American interview.

So much color! I don’t know about you, but I have my eyes on the EKG scarves. Would be fun to wear it to my next cardiology meeting!

[Photos used with permission from the artist.] [h/t @ivanoransky]

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