Venus, by Kate MacDowell

Kate MacDowell’s Porcelain Hearts


Hearts on Nails

Stitched Heart by Peggy Loudon

Peggy Loudon’s Stitched Heart

Measure Heart in Inches by Enrique Castrejon

A Measured Heart

ANATOMICAL NO-BODY (HEART) by Federico Carbajal

Wire Heart

by Aleksandr Kuskov

Aleksandr Kuskov’s Hearts

Mechanical Heart by Bill McConkey

Mechanical Heart

The Heart by Bartek Elsner

Paper Heart

By Taylorcustom

Anatomically-Correct Heart Locket

Clockwork Heart © Eve Lynch

Hearts of Clay

CUORE carafes by Liviana Osti

A Human Heart in Two Carafes


Derya Öztürk’s Hearts

© Anne Wolf 2012 Heart/Circulatory System

Denim Hearts #2


Shop Anatomical Hearts

Music of Heartbeats #2

Music of Heartbeats

Corazon by Valeria Myrusso

Unconventional Hearts


Heart in Words

My Heart Is Yours Forever by Magnus Gjoen via Saatchi Online

Porcelain Heart

"Mi Corazon" by Jan Huling.

Beaded Heart

Anatomical denim heart by Anne Wolf

Denim Hearts


Someone’s Heart

“She was the beat of my heart.”

Coronal Man by Lisa Nilsson

Cross My Heart #2

Heart by artist Nathan Sawaya. Photo courtesy of

Brick Hearts

Angela Willetts, "Heart", detail

Heart of Ink


Glass Hearts

"Cardiac Arrest" by Christopher Conte

Heart of Steel

Close-up pf the portrait.

Portraits of Little Heartbeats